Shakespeare, Sondheim, Silurians, and Schuylers (tumblr)
My main tumblr account. Mainly used to geek out about my fandoms—including Doctor Who, Buffy, Shakespeare, Hamilton, and a variety of musical theatre productions—and spread news about political and humanitarian causes. The (relatively) calm, sane mother blog to the frenzied mess of OCs Invade the Internet.

OCs Invade the Internet (tumblr)
This is the tumblr account shared by my fictional creations (Original Characters, or OCs), who have quite the minds of their own. Each of my characters have a set of tags that they blog under, and in the Fun Fact of the Day feature, the characters take turns telling fun facts and amusing anecdotes about themselves that may or may not emerge in the stories themselves. Warning: multilingual profanity. Proceed with caution.

Amata le Fay on Runaway Tales (LiveJournal)
An index of short stories written for prompts created by Runaway Tales. Most of these stories take place in the universes of existing roleplays and novel universes. Rarely updated.

Amata le Fay on FanFiction
An index of stories written in fictional universes that are not my intellectual property. Feel free to read anything but the Twilight stories—those are downright shameful. Rarely updated.

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