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Full name: Princess Arkadya Magati fa Normonne Prince Arkady Magati fe Normonne

Age: 19

Gender: Male (Transgender)

Appearance: 5'5" with pale skin, thin build, and long limbs and fingers. Dark brown/black hair cropped military-style. Dark eyes with epicanthic folds. Small, straight nose typical of fe Normonne ancestry. Small, bound breasts, the left of which has a scar under it. Muscled back and calloused fingers from archery.

In 140 Characters: Shapeshifter, earth mage, trans man, and reluctant heir to the throne. Tries to avoid politics by running away to forest. Bad decision-maker.

In More Than 140 Characters: Arkady is the only child and heir of King Mathylde of Kevarya. Because of his gender identity, his relationship with his mother—and with the entire royal court—is fraught with political tension. Introverted and guarded, Arkady does not trust easily and never has. He is fiercely intelligent with a deep hunger for knowledge and an observant eye, but beneath his quiet exterior lies an insecure and emotionally sensitive young man. Although he comes across as antisocial, Arkady is quite empathetic, especially in matters concerning the oppressed. He hates binaries, especially of gender, and has a personalized idea of masculinity to which he ascribes, entirely separate from society's definition of masculinity. To Arkady, gender is an individual creed, and a creed which he takes seriously. If you try to strip him of his identity or take away his freedom to be himself, hell hath no fury like Arkady fe Normonne.



Full name: Lady Marye Blackwater

Age: 28

Gender: Female

Appearance: 5'1 1/2" with pale skin and a thin build. Shoulder-length chestnut hair most often put up in a braided bun or a twist. Large brown eyes and a wide, rounded face. Small, straight fe Normonne nose, delicate hands. Masha appears younger than her age, mostly because of her short stature and childlike facial proportions. No scars or callouses—she is a proper gentlewoman and does no manual work.

In 140 Characters: Elizabeth Bennet meets Margaery Tyrell. The face of an angel, the brain of a manipulative genius with a mind for politics. My dream woman.

In More Than 140 Characters: Masha is is the daughter of Prince Stepan fe Normonne and Lady Amity Blackwater of Galara. Stepan and Amity fought King Mathylde for the throne but lost, leaving Masha an orphaned heiress in the conservative and ruthless Galaran society. As a result, Masha is incredibly resilient and resistant to being manipulated. She has learned to play the role of the witty but harmless social butterfly so that she may gain the trust of as many people as possible. Most of the charm and extroversion she exudes is genuine, but Masha also relentlessly pursues one goal—to accumulate as much power as is necessary to secure her own independence. Her greatest fear is of being made powerless, unable to control her own life and at the mercy of her scheming guardian, and she will do anything and everything to gain the upper hand before she sees her machinations unravel.



Full name: i-Aten Elena

Age: 18

Gender: Non-binary/Genderfluid

Appearance: 5'2" with light brown skin and a thin but squarish build. Dark, curly hair tucked underneath head scarf. Thick eyebrows and wide golden eyes with inner epicanthic folds. Slightly upturned nose. Long, graceful fingers and delicate hands—this, their small stature, and their name cause many to misgender Elena as female.

In 140 Characters: A mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a red headscarf and robe. They/them pronouns. Rejects your gender binary and your linear timeline.

In More Than 140 Characters: Elena's identity is centered around liminality and fluidity. They are neither male nor female, but flow between the two as a priest of their all-gendered God, Hassam. They are a child of two cultures, having immigrated to Kevarya at age six, and they are a seer, a mage who can send their spirit into the future and bring back prophecies. Because their mind exists outside of time, Elena has to actively work to ground themself in the present by stimming, or hyperfocusing on physical sensations. This and their tendency to approach strangers, stare at them for a moment, then leave without saying a word make many people uncomfortable in Elena’s presence, as does their refusal to treat the gender binary as anything but a joke. But those who get to know Elena soon find them inquisitive, observant, and eager to explore their magic and the future that is to come.



Full name: King Mathylde fa Normonne

Age: 51

Gender: Female

Appearance: 5’6” with pale skin, average build and weight. Long, blonde hair just starting to grey, styled in an intricate crown braid. Long, straight fe Normonne nose. Sunken grey-blue eyes. Alarmingly stiff and straight posture, which she heightens when it becomes necessary to emphasize her regal command. A rather intimidating presence.

In 140 Characters: First Woman King (not Queen) of Kevarya. Struggles with her conflicting duties as monarch and mother. So badass she's known as the She-Wolf.

In More Than 140 Characters: 



Full name: Lord Grigory fe Alperen

Age: 59

Gender: Male

Appearance: 6' tall, thin, bony, and pale. Wavy grey hair (formerly brown) which is cropped short but tends to stick up, especially when he hasn't bothered to brush his hair. Grey-blue eyes and a more prominent version of the fe Normonne nose. Long, bony fingers. Attack eyebrows. He always looks cross.

In 140 Characters: Basically the Prime Minister of Kevarya. Famous for his sarcasm. Gay. Thinks this is a secret. Everyone and their grandmother knows already.

In More Than 140 Characters: Grigory's mind is dominated by fear, anxiety, and trauma. He lives in constant terror, be it conscious or subconscious, founded or unfounded, and all his sarcasm, cynicism, and suspicion stems from the need to keep his fear in check. He is obsessively secretive in all aspects of his life, though some of his supposed secrets are readily apparent to those around him—his relationship with Sebastian, for example, which everyone knows and no one cares about. But Grigory has other secrets, ones that would endanger everyone involved if they were revealed. His actions during the war for the crown continue to haunt him, as does the memory of his imprisonment at the hands of Masha's mother, Amity. But Grigory is more than just the sum of his fears. He is a man hell-bent on protecting the people he loves, even if it means making decisions that break his heart.



Full name: Sir Sebastian Antonyve

Age: 49

Gender: Male

Appearance: 5'9" with golden brown skin and a lean, wiry build. Shoulder-length black hair tied back in a ponytail. Beard stubble around his mouth and chin. Dark, half-moon eyes. Muscular back from archery and an strange, intricate tattoo just beneath his shoulder blades. Only a trusted few know what it means.

In 140 Characters: Lin-Manuel Miranda, if he were a gay, semi-retired assassin mage who makes bad jokes only he understands. So, not Lin-Manuel Miranda at all.

In More Than 140 Characters:



Full name: Queen Lady Amity Blackwater

Age: 29 (at time of death)

Gender: Female

Appearance: 5’7” with pale skin and a full figure. Long brown hair and brown eyes similar to Masha’s, but her jaw is square and her cheekbones are more pronounced. Full, bow-shaped lips, often pulled into a satisfied smile. Subtle and graceful in movement, and often physically affectionate toward others in order to charm them or catch them off guard.

In 140 Characters: Masha's mother. Thyld's sister-in-law. Grigory's worst nightmare. A ruthless almost-Queen with a book full of secrets no one wants revealed.

In More Than 140 Characters:



Full name: L'Ordre

Age: Immortal (born circa mid-5th millennium B.C.E.)

Gender: Genderfluid (alternating pronouns, default is he/him)

Appears In: Danse Macabre, some Crossfire, The Lady Reaper Rides Immortal, Villains (mentioned)

In 140 Characters: Morally ambiguous Taíno-Haitian immortal who watches over the souls of the dead. Has prophetic nightmares and a demonic alter ego, L'Eteint.



Full name: Sable Lys Kfir

Age: Immortal (born 1997)

Gender: Female

Appears In: Danse Macabre, some Crossfire, The Lady Reaper Rides Immortal

In 140 Characters: A bisexual scythe-wielding Buffy fangirl and protégé of L'Ordre. Has a tiny zombie girlfriend. They cope with the apocalypse by kicking ass.



Full name: Spencer Ethan Anderson

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appears In: Danse Macabre

In 140 Characters: Student. Hacker. Nerd. Has serious abandonment issues. Can communicate with ghosts but evidently not with his boyfriend. Mistakes were made.



Full name: Siona Guinevere Donne

Age: Undead (born 1986, alive for 30 years)

Gender: Female

Appears In: Danse MacabreVillains

In 140 Characters: Evil lesbian egomaniac necromancer who conquered Paris with a skeleton army from the catacombs. Wants to become a goddess. Inexplicably hot.

In More Than 140 Characters: Siona Donne was born into wealth and privilege and will never let you forget it. Raised—figuratively, not literally—by a family of British necromancers, Siona's talent for bringing the dead back to life is matched only by her endless ambition. She is obsessed with power, and who has more power than anyone else? L'Ordre and the other gods of life and death. In her quest to kill the gods and take their place, Siona shows herself to be brilliant, manipulative, deadly, self-absorbed, and utterly heartless. She never lets morals get in the way of her achieving her heart's desire, and she has no qualms about using both dead and living people as puppets. Yet for someone so obsessed with her own immortality, she is remarkably reckless, and sometimes her pursuit of power and fame puts her in dangerous situations even she cannot talk—or terrorize—her way out of.



Full name: Javert Sebastien Dawes

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Appears In: Crossfire

In 140 Characters: Ex-criminal, cop, rebel. Aggressively Scottish. Morally conflicted. Overcompensates for doubt and self-loathing with reckless, violent rage.



Full name:  Conall Lily White

Age: 37

Gender: Female

Appears In: Crossfire

In 140 Characters: Empath who feeds on emotions, each one having a distinct flavor. Has a long-lost daughter and a weird sense of humor. Killer mom. Literally.



Full name: Jemmeline Kingschild White

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Appears In: Crossfire

In 140 Characters: Conall's long-lost daughter. Shy and sweet. Melancholy but compassionate. A brilliant inventor. An objectively terrible judge of character.



Full name: Lady Monique Amanda Tamarind

Age: 32

Gender: Female

Appears In: Crossfire, Villains (mentioned)

In 140 Characters: Javert's ex-girlfriend. An alluring revolutionary who will set your soul on fire. Along with your arms. And your legs. And your entire body.



Full name: William Roderick "Roderigo" Scott

Age: 50 (per temporal loop)

Gender: Male

Appears In: Such Lovely Fragile ThingsVillains

In 140 Characters: Amoral neurologist obsessed with a teenage psychic who can rewind time and alter the past. She's also dating his daughter, which is awkward.



Full name: Avis Ladongale

Age: 17 (per temporal loop)

Gender: Female

Appears In: Such Lovely Fragile Things, Villains (mentioned)

In 140 Characters: The aforementioned teenage psychic who manipulates time and dates Roderigo's daughter. She might have killed Roddy's wife. Which is awkward.



Full name: Theodore Lucas Burr

Age: 32

Gender: Male

Appears In: Villains

In 140 Characters: Deaf rebel with a ruthless streak, viciously fighting the erasure of his culture using submarine warfare. Hides weapons inside his umbrella.

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